Detecting Mold Issues in Your Property

Mold Inspection Sciences wants to make sure that your property is mold free. Do you have a mold odor?  What about roof leaks that can cause mold? Call us today to discuss how we can inspect your property for mold.

For most families, their home is their single largest investment. Many structural defects contribute to water problems in the home. Water intrusion can lead to microbial growth that can cause costly damage to your most valuable asset.

Consider These Two Important Points

Don’t sell a home with undisclosed issues or risk selling a home with a latent mold problem. Have us inspect your property to reduce your liability! Don’t buy a home with existing mold problems. This could materially reduce the value of your property, subject your family to health problems, force you to incur huge cleanup costs, and make your home tough to insure or sell in the future.


Does Your Home Have Any of the Following Problems?

If your home has any of the following problems, including mold odor, you should have a professional mold inspection.


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