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A simple way to order the combined services you need for peace of mind. Plus, there's no better combined inspection VALUE! We have several service options for you to choose from, so you can make the decision that is right for YOU. First, you can select one of our Inspection Packages, detailed below. These Packages are simply bundles of our most requested individual services, all the inspections a person most typically needs for their home. Our Packages are made up of individual services, however, if purchased separately, the individual items in our packages would add up to THOUSANDS of dollars.

Why Packages Are Preferable

When we bundle services, we can offer a much lower price. Our Home Inspection Packages are truly your best value for every service you need to protect your family and your investment. However, if you prefer, you can choose any one (or more) of the individual services from the Packages below.

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Home Inspection Packages


  • Comprehensive Inspection with computerized report and color photos
  • Detailed Front Page Summary and highlighting major concerns
  • 90 Day Home Inspection Guarantee. Covers everything from roof leaks to heat pumps. (Excludes investment property.)
  • A Free Home Maintenace Manual
  • A Free Digital Home Binder
  • Exterior Perimeter Bug Spray (after closing)
  • Call us at 407.221.7536 or order online and save $20 on your Package!

Prestige Health

Premiere and/or Prestige plus below

  • Home Air Quality Assessment for those who suffer from allergens, asthmas and/ or may have a compromised auto-immune system
  • Certified results from a third party laboratory
  • Specialized report that is detailed and easy to read
  • Call us at 407.221.7536 or order online and save $20 on your Package!


Premiere and/or Prestige and/or Prestige Health plus below

  • Home Re-inspection - within 45 days of original appointment done together at one site visit
  • WDO Re-inspection - within 45 days of original appointment done together at one site visit
  • Call us at 407.221.7536 or order online and save $20 on your Package!

How 20/20PI is Different from Other Companies

For Homeowners
Like a regular medical checkup for your body, a home inspection discovers issues as they develop, allowing remediation now instead of major repair later.

We also do divorce inspections.... This inspection documents the current conditions and emphasizes maintaining a sound property. Discover issues in development prior to incurring significant damage, budget upcoming repair items, and document your home's ongoing upgrades and repair history. These all become valuable tools during the eventual sale of your home, so we recommend a full home inspection each year. Get an expert's opinion on your home today!
For Buyers
Buyer beware! Most defects in a home will not be obvious. Call 2020PI for a professional inspection with infrared before you buy, before you build, before your warranty expires, or just for an expert opinion!

For most of us, buying a home is the largest investment we will ever make. Your 2020PI Inspector will describe the current condition of your chosen home, so you can know what to expect, inside and out, in terms of repairs, maintenance, and possible costs. We will educate you about your new home, so you can make the decisions that are best for you.
For Sellers
As a seller, never underestimate the power of first impressions! Houses that appear poorly maintained do not sustain interest. Don't let a potential buyer discover the defects in your home - get control of repairs and disclosures with a professional inspection!

A pre-listing home inspection by 2020PI Inspections will impress potential buyers, reduce the time and anxiety of long negotiations, reduce fear of the unknown, and present your home as an attractive place to live. And guess what? Homes that are inspected by 2020PI before the sale typically sell faster AND closer to the asking price!
Why do You Need All the Items in these Packages?
Home Inspection: As a buyer, seller, or homeowner, the home inspection will describe the current condition of the home from top to bottom.

Report Summary: Lists Major and Minor problems in one convenient list to help you easily sort the needed repairs as identified by the home inspection report.

WDO Inspection Report: The Wood Destroying Organisms report, otherwise known as the Termite Inspection. We use technology that other companies don't want to buy (infrared cameras), and go into the places where other companies routinely disclaim (like the attic and roof!).
Infrared Survey: Infrared cameras are the most significant advancement in home inspections since the invention of the flashlight. The use of infrared technology is a bit like a Body Scan for your home!

Mold Screening: A visual examination of the home looking for mold-like substances. (Mold testing extra.)

Moisture Analysis: Blends visual observations with moisture equipment readings and infrared, checking for moisture in the home that may lead to problems like mold.

Wind Mitigation Assessment: may qualify you for discounts on your homeowner's insurance(especially if your home is located in the wind borne debris region).

4 Point Insurance Letter: for obtaining homeowner's insurance on your home, most often needed when the home is 8+ years old (although we've even had insurance companies request this service on homes that were only 3 years old).

90-Day Limited Home Warranty: a unique "gap" coverage from the time of the home inspection until after closing. This special warranty features no deductible, no service charge, & no claims fee! This product is a compliment to warranty coverage that others may provide.

Home Re-inspection: For checking the repairs done in response to the home inspection report.

WDO Re-inspection Report: For checking the repairs done in response to the WDO inspection report. This service is typically needed when the original WDO Inspection report was not "clear" or not "clean".

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