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Available Positions - 20/20 Property Inspections

Home Inspectors

20/20PI’s Home Inspectors are trained to be the most knowledgeable inspectors in the industry. Our on the job training program provides them with the advanced skills we have developed to better serve our customers. In addition to the home inspection, all of our inspectors are licensed and certified to perform termite inspections, homeowners’ insurance inspections, pool/spa inspections, indoor air quality/mold sampling and infrared thermal scanning.

Client Care Coordinators

Client Care Specialists provide necessary assistance for our clients, and it is their responsibility to share with our newest clients our industry leading credentials and all the services that make 20/20PI’s value superior to other companies. Client Care Specialists also assist clients and realtors’ after the inspection with any questions or need for additional services they may request.

Marketing Specialists

Marketing Specialists are responsible for establishing new business relationships for 20/20PI as well as maintaining strong relationships with industry professionals. Marketing Specialists are responsible for sharing educational presentations and attending industry events, as well as establishing and maintaining in-house marketing programs.

Available Positions - 20/20 Pest Intervention

Pest Control Technician

Pest Control Technician

Pest Control Sales

Pest Control Sales

Client Care Coordinators

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