Mold Inspection, Detection and Testing

20/20 Property Inspections, a Florida mold inspection company, specializes in professional mold inspection, mold detection, and mold testing. We are committed to helping our valued clients discover, document, and understand mold related issues.

Our toxic mold inspection and testing services are strictly consulting in nature and we provide non-biased, easy to digest information to help our clients make sophisticated, informed decisions to protect their family’s health and financial interests. We do not perform mold remediation or construction, so there is no conflict of interest. If you need a professional, unbiased inspection for mold from an experienced company, we are the right choice.

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Mold Testing Services
We offer mold testing services to help our clients know what type of mold is in their property and what mold spore concentrations they are breathing. At 20/20PI we determine the existence of mold, type of mold, and any airborne mold spore concentrations (it’s important to know what you are breathing). The primary types of microbial samples that we collect are: Ambient air samples, wall cavity samples (air) and surface samples (bulk material, tape lift, swab).
Mold Inspection and Detection Services
We conduct thorough mold investigation of your property that’s designed to identify instances of moisture intrusion and to detect mold. All findings, conclusions, recommendations, and color photographs are compiled into a complete written report. We use the latest moisture detection equipment, digital hygrometers, Pro Lab Bio Pumps and Micro 5 Air Cassettes.
Mold Remediation: Scope of Work and Post Testing Services
If the mold investigation and mold testing of your property determines that you have a mold problem, we will write a detailed “scope of work” that outlines how the mold should be professionally cleaned and treated. This scope of work can be presented to companies that specialize in mold remediation and they can provide a bid for the work.

Licensed and Certified

At 20/20 Property Inspections we take certification and education seriously. Our team of professionals are all licensed and certified mold inspectors.

We specialize in providing mold inspection consulting to the entire state of Florida and have the highest standards in the business. We are proud of our licensed mold inspectors. It's important that you hire a professional, licensed mold inspector to ensure that your property is properly inspected and tested for mold.

IAC2 Mold Certifications Require: Certified Mold Inspector in Orlando, educational training, significant and relevant field experience, and rigorous examinations to become certified. IAC2 certifications are Board Certified. In addition, continuing education training hours must be completed on a bi-annual basis in order to retain licensing, certification and good standing.

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