Damaged sewer pipes can cost thousands to repair. Let 20/20 PI help keep you and your home safe.

Why It’s Important?

It’s important to have your future home’s sewer lines checked to maintain a healthy home and to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Prevent Costly Repairs: Identifying potential issues early through sewer
scope inspections can prevent minor problems from turning into major and
costly repairs. Catching problems like cracks, blockages, or root intrusion
before they worsen can save homeowners substantial amounts of money.

Protect Property Value: A malfunctioning or damaged sewer line can
significantly decrease the value of a property. Identifying and addressing
issues promptly helps maintain the property's value and ensures a smooth
transaction during sales or purchases.

Health and Safety: Sewer problems can lead to health hazards and
unpleasant living conditions due to sewage backups and leaks. Detecting
these issues early prevents health risks and ensures the safety of the
property's occupants.

We recommend a sewer scope inspection to all home buyers!

Common Issues:

Post-1974 Structural, including misconnections and pipes damaged during the initial construction. Roots from large trees grow around and compress the sewer pipe, either breaking or cracking it. Roots may even grow into small cracks, which can cause clogging or leaks.

Pre-1974 can have these same structural issues however the bigger concern in homes built during this era, are the galvanized and cast-iron pipes used during construction. Galvanized and cast-iron pipes corrode from the inside out and can easily break, leak, clog and back up. This can sometimes be the cause of poor water pressure; however, it is unlikely to be discovered with the General Inspection.


Undiscovered damaged sewer drains can back up into the home and cause water damage and serious health risks from mold, bacteria and harmful gases released into the homeThis could increase the cost of repair from $3,000 to $5,000 into the tens of thousands.

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